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Up to 500 responses per question for FREE. Gen-pop only.

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General population

Limited Offer

Get up to 500 responses per question for FREE

Basic targeting

  • Gender
  • Age-range
  • UK region

Pro 50p per response

Extended targeting

  • Household income
  • Career
  • Employment status
  • Level of education
  • Marital status
  • Number of children
  • Supermarket preference

Special 50p per response

Special audiences

We know our community incredibly well. From renters to home buyers, to takeaway lovers and pet enthusiasts. We can tailor your audience specifically to give you the insight you need.

Segmentation included with all responses

Segment your results by overlaying existing location, gender, age range, behaviour and preference data to spot skews and patterns.

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Questions we’ve been asked
Can I segment my results?

Yes, we offer gender and age range as standard as well as specifically tailored segmentation, such as supermarket preferences or favourite pizza topping. Nuanced insight can be really useful in identifying consumer habits and trends.

Can I trust the responses?

Responses are sourced instantly through surveys taken from a constantly growing pool of over 2.2 million UK residents. Responses are not incentivised and therefore far more trustworthy than those given by professional survey respondents or panels who are usually biased, predisposed to answer in a particular way or offered a financial reward for their participation. here

Can I ask follow-on questions to certain respondents?

Yes, we can always create follow-up questions for further targeting. We can source large or small sample sizes, which can then be expanded or contracted depending on your preferences. We average a pool 65,000 in under 24 hours for each customer.